APUSH Test Preparation

Since one of our main goals is to pass the AP Test, please be sure to do everything you can to learn the Thematic Units for the long essay and the content of the American Pageant history book.  To practice understanding of each chapter, it is suggested that you complete these ACE practice tests over each chapter on your own.  The link below is for true/false questions only.  However, it tests your knowledge/understanding of the contents.  If you get an answer wrong, go back to the book and find the reason why it is incorrect so that you more fully understand.

Giant review of Content Links:


  1. Here is PDF of the textbook.  Some students like to print it off so they can highlight it.
  2. Audio reading of American Pageant
  3. American Pageant chapter summaries (Course Notes)
  4. American Pageant chapter summaries (AP Notes).
  5. American Pageant chapter practice tests.  
  6. American Pageant primary sources.
  7. American Pageant outlines and study links
  8. popular free study guide for APUS students using our textbook.
  1. Online lectures from JOHN GREEN (subscribe to this!)
  2. Online lectures that follow our curriculum.
  3. Online notecards
  4. Dozens of practice quizzes on Ms. Pojer's APUS website.  She also has dozens of interesting power points on her website as well.
  1. Have Fun With History.com has several short movie clips of events throughout the 20th Century. 
  2. Funny comments from real DBQ's.
 American Pagenent Practice Tests
    This site has practice tests in True/False format.  Great for quick feedback.

Thesis Statement Powerpoint
Awesome instruction on how to clearly write a thesis statement for the Long Essay and DBQ

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