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Welcome to Advanced Placement United States History!  
Your Junior Year has exciting things in store for you and I am happy that you have chosen to explore U.S. History in the AP format!  I have a lot of exciting things planned for you and I hope you will come to class with your "A" Game!  

My goals for you include strengthening your skill sets as students, increase your awareness of United States History, and pass that AP Test like you OWN it!

Please bookmark this website and subscribe to all updates, calendars, etc.  This website will provide all Unit information, documents, assignments, chapters from the book and more for you. 

A few things you will need for your own organization of class materials:  

*3 ring binder (at least 3 inches thick)

*1" Binder for Interactive Notebook - HIPPO Assignments, Key Concepts, Guided Reading, Term Reviews, Homework, Extra Credit, etc.  Bring this binder daily.

*Sheet Protectors

*Notebook dividers with the following Titles:  SYLLABUS, HANDOUTS, UNIT 1 (make 9 Unit dividers).  You may want to make smaller dividers within Units for Extra Credit, Homework, etc.

*#2 Pencils (if you get mechanical, make SURE they are #2)

*INK pens - black or blue BALL POINT PENS (no gel please!).  You MAY use felt tip pens. 

*Highlighters/yellow and a few other colors of your choice

*Your own technology - Ipad, Android pad, Chromebook or Computer  Bring daily. #Needdonatedchromebooks


*(2) Glue Sticks

*(1) Pack of Crayola Markers

*(1) Pack of 3 - 5 highlighters
*(5) Pack of square Post it notes

*(1) Pack of Crayola Colored Pencils

*(1) Small scissors

*(1) Box 176 or greater Tissues

*(1) 12oz. or greater bottle of Hand Sanitizer Gel

*(1) Ream white copy paper



The AP Lifestyle!
Ask any successful AP student of any subject and you'll find that there is a lifestyle to collegiate life.  The AP/Collegiate Lifestyle is a delicate balance between commitment and life!  You literally plan your fun and your time to play around exploration of your studies. Your studies are one of your top priorities daily.  If you are new to the AP lifestyle, try to find friends who are doing what you are doing.  Be sure to develop your study habits/schedule quickly, andlet everyone know what you need to do in order to be successful.  Don't forget to plan your fun!  Don't forget that even how you study can be your "play" time if your mind is set that what you are doing is the right thing for you.  You must allow yourself time for play - whatever you define that "playtime" to be!  Mine is playing with my daughters-swimming, singing, dancing, chasing baby chicks, etc.  Adopt the AP Lifestyle and you will be successful!

Let's get started!
Mrs. S
PS  Please download my syllabus located at the bottom of every page).  Thoroughly read through it.  Once you have finished it, please complete this form so that I may keep in touch with you.  Click HERE to complete the form.  Also, please note that Mrs. Rebecca Richardson's work with Allen High School has been a guiding force behind the structure of my course and website.

Mrs. Rebecca Sampson 
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