H.U.S.H. Hints!

Welcome to your Honors U.S. History Course here at Seabreeze High School.  While this course provides the rigor to step up your game as you read your chapters and study the different time periods, it should provide you with a direct connection to why things are the way they are today - it should help contribute to your own personal knowledge about these United States - an experiment as a Republic - the first of its kind!

To succeed, follow the daily syllabus located on the "Home" page and create your own history!

1.  The Daily Schedule tells you what we do during the particular Units of history that we are studying including pages to read in your textbook, Presidents to do Presidents charts on and reminders of the FQ Journal requirements.
2.  Do 1 FQ question every other night.
3.  Complete 1 President about every other night.
4.  FQ Journals and Presidents Charts are due around the same time.  There will be a quiz on the Presidents for every 10 Presidents you complete!
5.  If you aren't great at reading, go to youtube and watch various videos on the subjects you are studying.  Search for powerpoints of the subjects you are studying.  Use the videos and powerpoints that Mrs. Sampson provides.  
6.  Read every night and take notes as you go.  Might help you to outline each chapter as you read!!
7.  Study, study, study!!!  You can do it!

Make your own luck!
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Rebecca Sampson,
Aug 4, 2014, 6:03 PM